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Aerospace & Defence Electronics Industry

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As the growing demand for cutting-edge aerospace technology and defense electronics continues to impact our technological infrastructure, we continue to invest! We lend our financial resources to businesses that provide the advanced electronic products and services to aerospace and defense operators and contractors.
By using our leverage to buy out business, this is not a typical private equity group. In fact, we work closely with our portfolio founders and partnering companies to develop long-lasting relationships, which in this business world is the key to a successful investment.

Our Investment Approach:

  • We form deep-rooted customer relationships.
  • We only invest in products with high barriers to entry.
  • We focus on engineered solutions that meet unique requirements.
  • We invest in mission-critical components where the cost of failure greatly exceeds the cost of the entire system.

Area of focus:

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
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We focus on companies that solve difficult problems for blue chip customers and have earned an important position in their supply chain as a result. Our passion is helping an entrepreneur, who has built an excellent company, transform that company into a larger strategic player in their industry.