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We are optimists.

If you ask our team of experts, we’ll tell you that we firmly believe that humanity can better use the technologies and resources at our disposal for the betterment of the world. Sustainability is key in today’s world, but achieving it requires time, dedication, and most importantly, investments. For that very reason, we remain driven and committed to demonstrate just how critical technology and further technological innovation can offer compelling answers to some of the world’s most pressing environmental and societal problems.

We are driven by the desire to demonstrate that technological innovation offers compelling answers to one of the most pressing problems of the world – achieving sustainable prosperity. So, we invest in innovative companies that we think can change the world. We bring the smart money – because investing in innovation requires patience, focus and expertise.
We invest in innovative companies that we believe have the capacity to foster tremendous change in our world.

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As you might imagine, these companies aren’t always easy to find. By viewing the challenge of sustainability through the prism of innovation, we spot investment opportunities and sustainability applications that others miss.There are numerous examples of innovative companies we have invested in that operate in each, and sometimes all of these areas. It’s what we call sustainability through innovation.