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Because we’re specialists in understanding just how to link institutional capital to IT communication infrastructure investments, we’ve been highly effective in securing top-notch opportunities for our stakeholders.
We work to find solutions for the communications industry that help them finance and manage their IT systems and communication infrastructures. For instance, we provide capital funding for masts, cables, or glass fiber infrastructures and data-centers. In addition, we provide crucial consulting and advisement for M&A, joint venture structuring, investment fund management, and much more.

Our key areas of focus include:

  • Data Centers
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Submarine Cables
  • Network/Fiber Optics
  • Managed IT Services / Cloud Services
  • Satellite and mobile communications
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We are at the early stages of a new industrial revolution. Technology trends like the industrial internet and advanced robotics, new materials and composites, as well as additive manufacturing are set to disrupt the industrial landscape. This will do more than enable far greater use of resources – itself a fundamental environmental benefit – it will also create great new business opportunities for more sustainable prosperity through innovation.