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108,834 Token Sold (Date 30 March 2021)

Bigboys Industry BBI Token Next Series A Funding (TBA)

BigBoys Industry (BBI) is an open blockchain protocol founded in 2020 by Via East West Capital (VEWC).
VEWC has launched a new blockchain commodity trading platform called ‘BigBoys Industry’. This all-new investment platform is equipped with tools that enable our investors to monitor and deploy mining operations directly through our dashboard to real-world mining facilities, generating real-time mineral resources across the globe.

VEWC has digitized mineral production from mining facilities, allowing for all commodities produced to be registered automatically on our commodity trading platform as Digital Asset. Investors will be able to invest in the mine with our cryptocurrency known as the BBI Token.

Today, the mineral supply chain suffers from complex issues that have multi-faceted causes, a lack of transparencies towards investors within commodity trading, and an increasing amount of environmental regulatory challenges.
Investors & Commodity Traders who trade Gold at market price will be able to use the new ‘BigBoys Industry’ platform to invest and trade gold at production price, which is significantly lower than market price.

Facilitating the companies and investors that we work with, the ability to access sensitive information securely & transparently, ranging from production data, profit and even other mineral resources to be traded.

These digital assets can be sold & traded by investors based upon the market price of gold. Besides this, investors can seek the option of bringing back their gold.

Make the most of every opportunity now, to become part of us.

The BBI blockchain is an unalterable record of all transactions, removing the risk of forgery and providing investors with the ability to create an immutable chain of custody.

Investors can create self-governed incentive systems without the risk of bad actors spoiling the transaction.
This system allows low trust, high-profit transactions to be executed at a greatly reduced risk.Investors can track their gold through BBI Tokens ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain Explorer. The tokens are trackable from the first day, it was purchased, sold or exchanged between 2nd or 3rd parties etc

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Calculate Your Return:

Invest $

Projected annual token reward:
1 Month $80,500
2021 $112,901
2022 $158,344
2023 $222,077
2024 $311,463

Gold Backed Token

BBI Tokens allow investors to hold ownership rights over a physical Gold Bar in a digital form.

Trade Gold At Production Price

Become family of BigBoys Industry

Investment Growth

Production price and trade with market price

Tokenize Gold with BBI Token.

All production from mining facilities are Tokenize into ERC20 Blockchain,

How it works

First, the minerals are mined, then they are sent to a refinery. The entire process is recorded with VEWC and Smart Mining Technology. All vehicle are programmed to move according to GPS tracking. The ore that is sent into the processing area is strictly weight and recorded into VEWC blockchain to allow investors to see the status of mining production on BigBoys Industry platform. After that, the end product Gold Bar would be deposited to a partnered bank, in conjunction with recording and placed on the BBI Token ERC20 Blockchain.


VEWC allows investors to easily translate the minerals, like gold, as a digital currency (BBI). Which can be stored in a digital wallet and moved around like cash. The transportation of physical precious metal is a complex and challenging procedure, so our digitization will ease this burden for investors hence. We are proud of the infrastructure we have created, and the value of the BBI Token.

General information

Main sale Started
Main sale Ended
March 30 2021
Issuance platform:


Company name:
Mangum & Associates
Company address:
One World Trade Center 285 Fulton Street, Suite 8500 New York, New York 10007 USA


Asset class:
Token rights:

Token details

Available for sale:
891,166 Sold 108,834

Financial information

-(Info Only available for invited investors only)
STO Price:
$1,700 Price Subject to change Please Refer to Coinmarketcap.
Fundraising goal:

Think of gold think of BBI

When you think of gold, you probably picture an 20 carat gold chain. What you might not know is only about the half the demand for world gold is from jewellery. The other maybe is driven by demand from industrial production, (e.g for tehcnology such as micro processor) and investment purposes by governments, central banks or individual.

Gold has proven to be a good performer in environments of low or negative real interest rates, or when interest rates minus inflation is negative. Gold is one of the few assets which has a negative correlation with shares during market downturns. Having assets with different correlations are key to enhancing investment returns and reducing risk.

There’s a range of complexities with owning physical gold bullion such as storage costs, handling and insurance. It’s difficult to decide who should hold the gold for you – e.g. a dealer, safety deposit box, bank vault, or even in your own home. Investors might also face barriers of high minimum investment amounts, with low liquidity, and accessibility issues.

Traditonal owning shares in gold mining companies, or buying physical gold bullion (i.e. bars/coin)or transport the phycial both options present challenges.

Right Now with Surveillance Technology, Block Chain Technology, and the Power of Internet combined with the existing bank networking, BigBoys Industry have make all this possible.